Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meaning of Dreaming?

Dreams to me are so interesting. I often find myself pondering over the meaning of my dream or trying to find a message out of it. My friend often tells me that my dreams are very high anxiety, but really I am not anxious about anything. Stressed?!? Sure, I’m stressed. About the same thing that 90% of the world stresses about… money, work, family/friends well being, etc. So anyways, my dream last night was one of those ones that just kinda winds together through a whole bunch of stuff. I am not even sure how I remember parts of it, but somehow I do. I remember that Dale and I had bought a house with our friends Autumn & Dre, and we were all busy trying to get moved in. Unpacking boxes and just kinda trying to place stuff where it belonged. Then I remember I went out to the backyard and Dre was setting up the grill and Autumn was standing on the patio by the retaining wall. And I remember her saying that she was going to put her azaleas there and I was joking and telling her more power to her cause I hate gardening and stuff. I think there was some other stuff and then the dream skipped to my sister Michelle and I walking through the mall, trying to hide from her boyfriend because her boyfriend beat her up. I just kept telling her that she needed to leave him and her face was all bruised up and stuff and all she said was that she loved him. And there was a part where someone walked up to her that she hadn’t seen in awhile and they asked her what happened. I remember we were in the middle of the mall and there was this fountain thing and I could see the food court. Weird huh.

So I texted my sister this morning and she said she had a dream last night about me and Dale too. I guess that we were celebrating something and she was late cause her car broke down. Her and my nephew were running through a swamp and my nephew kept falling face down in the water so she had to carry him and they were really late.

Okay, so I looked up some dream interpretation stuff on & also on and this is what I found. In reference to the part about my sister it says “To dream that someone else has been beaten indicates an imbalance in your existence.” Not quite sure what that means, LOL.

“To dream of a new house suggests taking on a new character and honing new strengths” and “To dream about friends suggests certain parts of your character that you have set aside and are now ready and willing to bring them back into your persona.” And the “flower is a symbol of the true spiritual self. Its symmetry and perfection shows how beautiful we really are.” So I found that part interesting considering lately I have been talking to Stacey and Autumn about going back to church and how I feel spiritually empty. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a bunch of hooplah and really means nothing, but its something that definitely intrigues me. Oh, and the dream my sister had said that, “To dream that you are walking through a swampy area warns of an upcoming hardship or obstacle. Unfavourable developments may occur in a relationship. Others will influence you negatively with their actions and words.”

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  1. Dreaming that someone is being attacked can mean that you think someone is in a vulnerable situation.

    Your sister in your dream doesn't have to really be your sister. She can represent an aspect of yourself that your sister reminds you of - and that part of you is an a vulnerable state.

    A house in a dream can represent a familiar place where you feel safe and comfortable, so moving house could stand for being put in an unfamiliar position where you feel uncomfortable.