Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Life's happenings...

It's funny how life happens sometimes. You think you know how it will pan out. You take appropriate steps and measures to plan things to happen at certain times. You go to school to get a degree and land a good job. I look at where I am today and where I thought I would be. For the most part things are how I want them. I am happily married, have a decent home, have a good job (although not a secure one), I have my family close to me, and amazing friends. But I am not completely fulfilled. I know what is lacking and what steps I need to take to fulfill my desires, but yet I sit here knowing full well that I will put it off. Sometimes I get to a point where I fear the unknown. I don't like uncertainty. But as I type this I realize that without taking risks you will never reap the benefits. The things I strive for the most are making others happy, and making myself happy. I am great at short term happiness: buying clothes, makeup, lil shit here and there. Yet for some reason I continue to deny my long term happiness: my career, having children, pursuing things that I know I want but fear the reality of.

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  1. Halla at that gurl! Cause the whole time stepping off that ledge into that land of unknown is not only a risk but a leap of faith! But its always less scary when you have a strong support system willing to leap with you! ;)